August 01, 2005

Speaking of The Captain....

Recently saw Rob Zombie's homage to the golden age of exploitation cinema THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. While not a BAD movie (it achieved what it set out to do.....disturb and entertain) it contains some of the oddest characters and set pieces since.....well since LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. If only David Hess had made a cameo, the circle would have been complete.

Instead of David we get 70's exploitation king Sid Haig. Best known for his big bald head and psycho eyes, Sid made many memorable appearances in Jack Hill's blaxploitation Pam Grier movies (most memorable as he gets jacked with some hypodermic needles by Pam in COFFY).

His character in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS has a name that had me searching out some DVD's. Although not the kind one would expect.....He plays Captian Spaulding.

Thanks to this oddly placed Marx Brothers reference I was inspired to check out the local library's supply of Marx on DVD. It wasn't bad....they had 10 of 11 Marx flicks that I am aware of. (I'm not even sure A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA has ever found it's way to dvd).

Always my favorites, these flicks on DVD are looking good. Probably not as perfect as they could be (there is still the odd missing frames and occasional bad sound), they are still worth hunting out.

There should be a law against this many puns in one exchange....

Capt. Spaulding: How much would you charge to run into an open manhole?
Ravelli: Just the cover charge.
Capt. Spaulding: Well, drop in sometime.
Ravelli: Sewer.
Capt. Spaulding: Well, we cleaned that up pretty well.

Hooray for Captain Spaulding.

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