December 01, 2006

One day off means Movie Fun!

Paul Schraeder's CAT PEOPLE - Can't believe this is the same director who wrote TAXI DRIVER and made AFFLICTION. What a mess. Egads. Grade : F

Alan Arkin's LITTLE MURDERS - 1970's New York look at society and what it is slowly becoming with people afraid to communicate with one another and violence growing on the streets. Based on a play, so the movie comes across a little claustrophobic and absurd at times.....but featured some great performances and interesting ideas. Grade : B

Rian Johnson's BRICK - An utterly fantastic little independent film from this year. A murder mystery set in a California high school done completely in the tone and dialogue of a 1940's Humphrey Bogart / Raymond Chandler style book / film. The dialogue just exploded off the screen and the story was engrossing and kept you guessing at all the right times. Grade : A

Brian DePalma's DRESSED TO KILL - DePalma's fun takeoff of Hitchcock's PSYCHO. It follows PSHYCO'S formula....right down to the shower scene, killed off main character, whacky psychiacric explanations, and hey....even cross dressing. So is it worth it, when we already have Hitchcock? Sure. Depalma is in full "showoff" mode here with great silky sliding camerawork, and lots of gratutious sex and violence. And Michael Caine. In a dress.
Grade : B

Robert Altman's THE LONG GOODBYE - More fun with the now late great Altman. Elliot Gould plays Philip Marlowe in the 1970's.....chain smoking and sarcastically reacting to even the strangest of situations swirling around him. Altman fills the frame with rotten cops, Sterling Hayden, dogs, naked lesbians, thugs, drunks, and Marlowe's quest for catfood. As offbeat as they come, but never boring and always amusing. Grade : B+

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