April 05, 2007


This week's new LOST episode, Left Behind was a tad better than last week's episode.....but yeah, it was a little 'light' on stuff actually HAPPENING.

We basically saw Kate and Juliet get thrown out in the jungle and come back.....and that's about it.

Sure, old smokey the monster-security-thing was back....but aside from making noise (and some light flashes) even it didn't do a whole lot.

I suppose that the security fence makes a little more sense now.

The highlight of the show (creating the biggest new 'mystery') would have to be Locke's appearance at the beginning. Sporting a heavily bandaged hand he announced to Kate she's not a "good person" (an idea that has come up over and over again in the show) and he was cutting out with The Others. Interesting to say the least.

The flashback this week was kind of dull. Basically we saw Kate hanging with Sawyers ex (and amusingly suggesting she call the cops on the man who wronged her......that would be Sawyer). Aside from that, and a well done scene between Kate and her mom....it was dull.

The beach stuff with Sawyer and Hurley (in a mini parody of SURVIVOR) was boring and annoying.

So we are left with....

Can Juliet be trusted ? (I say no way)

Where did The Others go ? (I'm guessing back to Alcatraz Island.......but then, how did they get there?)

Has Locke joined The Others ? (I'm hoping not)

Next week we get the continuation of Juliet's story and how she came to the island in the first place.

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