July 11, 2007

More lunacy....

So tomorrow the U.S. Senate will open with a Hindu prayer by Rajan Zed, a Hindu chaplain that says he believes this may be the first time any Hindu prayer is delivered in the Senate since its formation in 1789. Seems like a nice sentiment. Most Americans don't know the difference between an Arab and an Indian to begin with, so what harm could be done by having some dialogue and reaching out to the Indian community by having a Hindu Prayer open a session of the U.S. Senate. Works for me.

Seriously. This is U.S. SENATE we are talking about. A full Pentecostal Tent revival, four Catholic masses, and a Wiccan Full Moon testimonial couldn't wash these swine clean of the blood on their hands.

But OF COURSE....somebody is upset. This is America....somebody is always upset for one reason or another. And that somebody this time would be the always tolerant, loving, 'let he without sin' crowd......

WallBuilders president David Barton is questioning why the U.S. government is seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god. Barton points out that since Hindus worship multiple gods, the prayer will be completely outside the American paradigm, flying in the face of the American motto "One Nation Under God."

"In Hindu, you have not one God, but many, many, many, many, many gods," the Christian historian explains. "And certainly that was never in the minds of those who did the Constitution, did the Declaration [of Independence] when they talked about Creator -- that's not one that fits here because we don't know which creator we're talking about within the Hindu religion."

The American Family Association also has their holier-than-thou panties all up in a bunch about it as well. Sending emails out asking the faithful to contact their Senator and complain.

3,000 plus dead in the most worthless joke of a war ever carried out......and the hardcore Christian groups are seriously PISSED about a Hindu prayer. Maybe it's deity envy. They have the one lonely God, while the Hindus have that whole polytheistic thing going on.

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Ty said...

"My imaginary friend is better than yours. And I have proof. The Bible says so, and the Bible is never wrong because its the word of god."

Noone said that... but thats what they are thinking.

And, I love the circular reasoning in the last sentence. I hear that from the Christians ALL THE TIME. They say the Bible proves god, and God made the Bible. That is LITERALLY like saying "A proves B, which proves A." Its absurd. You make a claim, and to prove it, you say the opposite. God proves the Bible, the Bible proves God.

Dale, if you can, please delete my first comment. I said "best friend" instead of "imaginary friend."