January 07, 2010



The Frog Queen said...

OMG! I really LOL'd!!!

I knew it.....every since I was a kid I told my mom the pope scared me - there is something wrong with "that man"!! She did not believe and continuted to send me to catholic school....I still have not forgiven her :D

Thank you, that was priceless!!


Artman2112 said...

someone please tell me again WHY the man who is supposedly closer to god than any other on the planet needs bulletproof glass in his vehicle????

giggles said...

Oh now...that is just tooo funny!!!!

How much snow did ya get? Did you go out and play in it?????

Lemmy Caution said...

If you call using a broom to dig my car out "playing in it", then sure!

We got in the neighborhood of 6 inches, but it's actually not over yet. Just got a fresh inch about an hour ago.