May 27, 2005

oh HELL yes....

Ok, I'll be skipping sleep until this is done and out in the local cineplex.....

Tarantino, Rodriguez set to 'Grind' together

By Gregg Kilday Thu May 26, 9:09 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Miramax Films golden children Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are teaming up to make a film for the new company established by the studio's founders, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Tarantino and Rodriguez will each write and direct a 60-minute horror film, and the two films will be packaged under the title "Grind House," which is planned for a spring 2006 release through the Weinstein Co.

It also will include its own trailers, bonus materials and added extras from other filmmakers that will be packaged together between the two horror flicks in a tribute to the old, big-city movie houses like those on New York's 42nd Street that earned the moniker grindhouses for programing genre pictures back to back.

Tarantino, whose 1994 thriller "Pulp Fiction" helped turn Miramax into a powerhouse, sampled grindhouse genres in his recent "Kill Bill" films. He said "Grind House" could be the first in a series of films. Rodriguez' "Spy Kids" movies have been a lucrative franchise for Miramax's Dimension arm.

= "Sin City 2," a sequel to the recent Rodriguez/Frank Miller film, another Disney co-production, will be released by Dimension in summer 2006.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

And dig that last sentence.....a SIN CITY sequal due next year.


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