May 24, 2005


I need to start posting shit here.

Really I do.

No excuse is a good excuse. Or something like that.

If I had to pick one incident to write about today.....and picking just one moment of greatness from any one day in my life is difficult. So many amazing things happen to me.....

Oh yeah, the one incident. I was getting to that.

A woman came into the office today wanting to fill out an on-line application for the FAFSA (goverment student loan). She came in with her snall, loud, obnoxious, dirty little child in tow. Not that I have anything against kids, I do, but this one was particularly filthy. The woman then went on to let her little demon spawn run wild. Throwing paperclips, punching the keyboard, and generally making a pest of herself.

I walked up to this woman to show her how to get to the FAFSA website and was STRUCK in the face with stank. Nasty stank. Horrible stank. Stank that came from areas of this woman's body that I had no interest in.

So goes a tuesday.

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