July 03, 2008


I hit one of several local gas stations each and every morning to grab a quick cup of joe. I move too slow in the mornings to brew coffee myself....and the local gas stations actually have decent fresh brewed coffee in the mornings. Plus, when you buy 5, the 6th cup is free. Nice.

I'm always incredibly annoyed and impatient with the people standing in line in front of me buying endless streams of lottery tickets. Shouting what sound like random numbers at the clerk along with phrases like "boxed", "straight", and "power super ball special". I'm usually cursing them silently in my head for being so amazingly stupid as to think they might actually WIN something by wasting
their money on these silly lottery tickets.


Steubenville Store Sells Winning $24.6 Million Lottery Ticket

Someone bought a $1 lottery ticket at a Steubenville store and is now more than $24.5million richer. The ticket was for Wednesday night’s Ohio Classic Lotto drawing. No one has claimed the winning ticket yet.

The $24.6 million winning ticket was purchased at the Kwik King off of University Boulevard in Steubenville. There was only one winner.

“It was exciting news this morning. We didn’t know it happened until we got a call from the office,” said Kwik King Manager Shannon Ezelle.

Ezelle then read an e-mail from the Ohio Lottery Commission congratulating the store for selling the winning ticket.

“It’s cool somebody won locally. Maybe it’ll help the economy. Maybe they’ll buy everyone in town free gas,” said Steubenville resident Don Springer.

To win the Classic Lotto you have to pick all six matching numbers. Amber Bebe has sold many lottery tickets while working at Kwik King and she tells all customers the same thing. “I tell them every ticket is the winning ticket,” said Bebe.

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