October 01, 2009


Roman Catholic Bishop Raymond Lahey, best known for brokering a $15 million dollar settlement between his diocese and victims of rape at the hands of priests, is a wanted man.

Wanted for what exactly?

Hold on for a huge shock......


Ottawa police have issued an arrest warrant for a Roman Catholic bishop from Nova Scotia facing child pornography charges.

Raymond Lahey, a native of Newfoundland who was with the Antigonish diocese until his sudden resignation on Saturday, currently can't be found, Ottawa police Const. Jean-Paul Vincelette said Wednesday.

Lahey was re-entering Canada at the Ottawa International Airport on Sept. 15 when members of the Canada Border Services Agency pulled him aside for a secondary examination, according to a release from Ottawa police. Officers found images on Lahey's laptop computer "that were of concern."

He was released at the time. The computer was seized and police said a subsequent forensic examination of the computer revealed child pornography.

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The amount of extremely troubling behavior by those in authority in the Catholic Church is insanely troubling. There is something very rotten at the core of this organization.


AArdvarker said...

No pun intended, but someone fingered this sleazeball priest. How did they know to search his computer?
They should take away his collar and place him in jail.

Lemmy Caution said...

That would certainly be a better punishment than the church's usual remedy.....which is to move him to another parrish without telling anyone the reason.