April 28, 2010

The Teachers At My Schools Were Boring

Substitute Teacher Allegedly Shows Fifth Graders Her Bikini And Her Tan Lines

Students say she also kissed several boys and referred to herself as "hot."

Story by D.K. Wright

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- It's being dubbed "The Case Of The Sexy Substitute." This was not just another Monday for fifth graders at North Elementary School.

Their substitute teacher apparently took warmth and friendliness to a whole new level.

"The teacher came in, in a sweat suit to start off the day at school, and then proceeded to strip down into a bikini with a lace cover-up over it," said Sally Dyer, recounting what her 11-year-old son described. "She kissed some other boys on the cheek, and she showed off her tan lines."

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Mommy Lisa said...

There are no words...

Strumpet perhaps?

a rose is a rose said...


Andy said...

The woman must have been off her meds. It's common. A person thinks, "Hey, I'm doing swell! I don't need those anti-psychotics anymore."


Artman2112 said...

i know i should be appalled and all that but i just keep thinking well, was she really hot?