July 10, 2009

Jesus commands you to live like Pacino in Scarface...

Chief of troubled television ministry building $2 million house in Oconee County

SALEM, SC — SALEM -- The president of the televangelism empire that rose from the ruins of the former PTL network is building a $2 million lakefront home in Oconee County even as critics say the ministry exhibits outward signs of financial trouble.

David Cerullo, president and CEO of the Inspiration Network, and his wife, Barbara, are building an approximately 12,000-square-foot home, including 2,000 square feet of enclosed porch, at 138 Blue Water Trail in Keowee Falls South, near Salem.

The building permit was issued Dec. 1, 2008, for the home on the one-acre lot. Records indicate the Cerullos bought the land for $950,000 in 2006.

The revelation of the Lake Keowee home comes as critics of Inspiration Network point to job cuts, wage freezes and a halt to matching employees’ 401(k) retirement accounts as evidence of rocky finances. These cutbacks began in late 2008, according to former employees.

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themom said...

I'm sure there will soon be an air-conditioned dog house too - thanks to Jim & Tammy's tradition.

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y???