July 21, 2009



The Peach Tart said...

Well said

do you have a flag? said...


First off, thanks so much for being a follower of my site! And now, I hope you’ll follow me as I move the site over to WordPress! It’s going to take a little time to get the site up and running again, so for now www.cheerfuld.com is under construction. I ask that if you have viewed the site through google reader to add this new RSS feed to your subscriptions: http://www.cheerfuld.com/?feed=rss2. This will allow you to check back and be alerted when www.cheerfuld.com is fully up and running again! You can still access my original blogspot site by going to http://cheerfuld.blogspot.com/ Please bare with me, I think this move to WordPress is going to be great, and allow for a much more visually interesting site!

Thanks again, and stick with me!


themom said...

Love that...so very well said.

Sherry said...

love it