August 18, 2009


Many thanks to Prof. Grebeard at the great blog Magic Carpet Burn for this very nice award. Glad to hear he is enjoying the daily dishes of vitriol here at Alphaville. Thanks prof!

....and also, in the same day I received this award....

from Wings at the equally entertaining blog Caffeinated Joe!

The honest scrap award comes with the stipulation that I pass this award on to 10 other blogs and then list 10 honest things about myself.....

So let's get started shall we....

10 Blogs that get the award....(leaving off Caffeinated Joe and Magic Carpet Burn because I just got something from them obviously....)

1. After The Bridge
2. Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness
3. From Homeless to Homeowner
4. Harnett-Hargrove
5. How Did I Get Here?
6. I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet
7. Moot Point
8. Napier's News
9. Such Lovely Freckles
10. Vintage Macaroni

Whew......all of those are worthy and entertaining blogs that you should be checking out and adding to your reader of choice (which should be google reader, because that's what I use).

10 'honest' facts.....

1. My birthday is less than a week away.
2. A year ago at about this time I was in the hospital for a leg infection that left me unable to walk for almost a month.
3. I recently took in a homeless kitten and named her Frances after Frances McDormand.
4. A year ago today an extremely nice woman I worked with was murdered.
5. Because of Obama's stimulus program, my job is busier than it has EVER been.
6. Spent Sunday morning watching a FOUR hour documentary on the Mormons.
7. I will not eat eggs, potatoes, or seafood.
8. I detest summer and am anxiously awaiting Fall. Dark at 5pm is good.
9. The Atheist stuff is a cover, I'm actually a devout Quaker.
10. Number 9 is a lie.


Sherry said...

hey, so cool-so sweet! thanks bunches!

Sherry said...

i HATE seafood too!

Neither Here Nor There said...

Thanks for the award. As soon as I get out of this despicable job and at the safety of home, I'll get right on that list of 10 honest things about me.

Forever your girl said...

Yeah but he hates potatoes and that is just weird... I can totally respect the atheism, but not the potatoes.
Maybe you hate potatoes because they are such a perfect food that they prove the existence of God.
Also - thanks for the nod, especially since you were just ragging on me yesterday.

Utah Savage said...

Great list of things I always wanted to know about you. I hope you're taking your fish oil capsules. I've given up eating seafood because most of what we can buy is farmed now and not all the cleanly. We've overfished the oceans that the big fish are very rare catches and very costly as the very rare things always are.

You know you blew that "honest" thing with number 9. Just because you fessed up doesn't make a lie the truth. Just saying.

Utah Savage said...

Good choices for passing it on. Sherry was my first stop of the day, and that is why I'm here so early in the day. It's noon and I'm out of bed. Will wonders never cease.

Lemmy Caution said...

Utah - Actually I do take fish oil capsules.

Good point about the honest thing.....but it's true that I was honest that it was a lie. Just sayin'.

FYG - I will gladly show you where you can put that potatoe you are so enamoured with.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Hi Lemmy,
I’ve gotten through half of your GREAT list... then there I was! Thanks So Very Much for the award.
I recently did the Scrap award, so I am happy to add another list of folks I didn’t get to. May I use the girlie-girlie / you are a great read -image?
Oh, Boy!!!
I do love your #9.

Lemmy Caution said...

You certainly may !

The Quaker joke came to mind because I recently finished watching the show Six Feet Under, and there was some stuff about the Quakers in the last few episodes. ;-p

Wings said...

Cool stuff! And I am right there with you on #8!!!

Kimberly said...


wiec? said...

congrats friendo!

an early happy bday and i'm with you. the fall can't get here soon enough. heat and humidity. who needs 'em?

themom said...

Now I know you so much better. I'm with you on #9 (or was it #8) - Fall is my favorite season. Congrats on the awards also.

Joanne Casey said...

Thanks for the award Lemmy, I'll try to post it but I'm such a lazy ass.

Happy Birthday for whichever date it's on :-)

Joanne Casey said...

ps. I had to read the kitten fact twice, I first thought you found it in a McDonalds.

Lemmy Caution said..., it wasn't at a McDonalds. It was actually cowering under my girlfriend's car.

The day is the 23rd. I take cash.

Joanne Casey said...