August 14, 2009

Utah is full of assholes

How afraid of gay people can one state be?

Utah was frightened enough to funnel thousands and thousands of dollars into banning same-sex marriage in another state.

And apparently, also frightened enough to reject a wedding announcement in a newspaper.

Is a wedding announcement and a simple picture SO SCARY that the paper feels the need to reject the announcement outright and come up with some silly reasoning for doing so? I guess so.

Way to go Utah. A state known for decades and decades of polygamy making sure that everyone knows that they have "seen the light" on who should be married and who shouldn't. Assholes.

Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement

By JENNIFER DOBNER, Associated Press Writer Jennifer Dobner

SALT LAKE CITY – A southern Utah newspaper has rejected a gay California couple's wedding announcement, saying its policy is to publish announcements only for marriages legal under Utah law.

The Spectrum in St. George initially accepted a paid wedding announcement for Tyler Barrick and Spencer Jones last week, but then changed course, Jones said. The San Francisco couple were legally married June 17, 2008. They wanted the announcement printed in Jones' hometown paper ahead of a family party next week.

Jones, 30, said he initially agreed to the paper's request that the announcement run without a photo, after a clerk told him the publisher feared the picture might make readers uncomfortable. Then Jones changed his mind and appealed to publisher Donnie Welch, asking him to reconsider.

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themom said...

The absurdities just keep on coming! How much more ignrant can these people get?? nevermind, I think I know the answer.