November 04, 2009

Go Pens

As some of you know I'm an enormous fan of the sport of Hockey and specifically the amazing Pittsburgh Penguins.

They are on a 12-3 start to the season and are undefeated on the road. Nice.

The Captain Sidney Crosby made an insane save last night when our goalie wandered off and forgot about the net. Crosby slid onto his side, stacked his legs and JUST blocked a shot that was all but guaranteed to go in and tie the game. Amazing.

Looked like something out of The Matrix.


Forever your girl said...

I love Sidney!!!! Hockey has always been my favorite sport... there is just something about Eastern European men with sticks.

a rose is a rose said...

ah lemmy. a sore subject in my eyes (whalers ring any bells). well, i never liked THEM but it was the screwing over we got that ails me

anyway, when i die, some of my ashes are going to be sprinkled over tony and phil esposito's ice hockey camp.

and yes, i play (or played, back in the day)

Lemmy Caution said...

Did you play WHILE dressed as a clown?

That would be cool. :-p

a rose is a rose said...

BEFORE my clown days but now i have that image in my head. thanks a lot