February 03, 2010


I am hearing rumors and mumbling about the possibility of several inches of snow Friday into Saturday. That would make for a fantastic 'stay inside and vegetate' kind of weekend.

Friday, Feb 5
High: 38 °F
3-6 inches of snow

Friday Night, Feb 5
Low: 22 °F
Periods of snow, accumulating an additional 4-8 inches

Yes, please.


a rose is a rose said...

i don't mind snow on the weekends. i'm like you. it's MY time.

i don't think we have any snow in our future. it did snow last night into this morning, but i was the only one on the road going in, so i didn't mind. it didn't accumulate much but it sure was beautiful. it was like tiny silver wings in the air and crystal on the streets

Pagan Sphinx said...

I always hope for a snow day during the week, if school closes. I cherish a weekday snowstorm.

Blueberry said...

I could use a weekend without heavy-duty yard work.

giggles said...

Me, me, here, here, here!!!! HERE!!! IT's coming here, too... A big storm. Two tracks, the one with less snow the more likely scenario...6-12 inches likely.... I'm going to the library for some movies...then....BRING. IT. ON!!!!!!!!! The kids will play in it all day, too... or as long as they can ignore how cold they actually are... ;-)