February 03, 2010


Holy crap the return of LOST was good last night.

Love the new alternate timeline. Love the evil Locke/Smokey.
Love the Temple and the bad ass Japaneses leader ("I hate the way English tastes on my lips").

Best line of the night goes to Smokey/Locke....."I am very disappointed in all of you!"

Fantastic all the way around. More please.


nicole. said...

It was quite good, however I am rather confused at having two dimensions going on at the same time, it is weird. I am not sure where they are going to go with it.

Univarn said...

I enjoyed it, and I think the two dimensions thing will show an intriguing parallel of how their lives would have (or perhaps even will) turn out in the end.

The one thing I didn't like was the whole Juliet thing. I think the end of last season nailed her in the coffin perfect. We didn't need the bring back -> sappy moment -> Miles dead talk.

Lemmy Caution said...

I understand the frustration with the Juliet thing....but if they hadn't shown her die, it wouldn't have made any sense. They were all right there when the bomb went off, and they were still alive....so logically she would be as well. But yes, it was frustrating to say goodbye to her AGAIN.

I just wondered why Sawyer waited until she was planted to have Miles 'talk' to her.

Lemmy Caution said...

I am rather confused at having two dimensions going on at the same time, it is weird. .

Last season Faraday explained this with the analogy about a rock dropping into a stream of water. The water (time) would split upon the impact of the rock, but would come back together on the other side.

I think these two timelines will eventually come together. Or something.

Kirk Jusko said...

The first couple seasons you had flashbacks of incidents from each character's past. In place of that, this season, I predict, will be alternate time line incidents.

I found it intriguing that Jack and Locke seemed to like each other in this new timeline. And, I swear to God (just an expression, Lemmy), even though I've been an avid fan of the show from the very beginning, it never occured to me that Jack could be the answer to Locke's parlysis off the island. It'll be ironic if the Man of Science ends up curing the Man of Faith.

Joanne Casey said...

Ohohohoh I forgot it was back :-)