June 15, 2010

Orly and Pancakes

Orly, Pancakes, and Crazy Sauce. Breakfast of champions.



Kim Hambric said...

I would say that tampering with her PayPal account and her car are criminal acts and must be investigated and the culprit(s) punished. As far as an artist painting her giving birth to a pancake, well that's something else entirely. She's already put her crazy out there and someone is now painting that crazy.

Good publicity for the artist, of course.

She better get a U.S. birth certificate for that pancake NOW.

a rose is a rose said...

i'm cross posting. this is too too too too too too too good not to (i didn't get as far as to hear about the tampering. if true, i don't go for that kind of shite. however, i don't believe anything that comes out of that creature's mouth)

Raine said...

wow. what a crazy bitch!