June 06, 2010


I ask you....why is ANYONE still attending Catholic Mass? Why isn't there a mass exodus from this twisted brand of Christianity? What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Here's Mojoey at Deep Thoughts with yet another one of "those stories"....

As we’ve learned lately, the Catholic church is not trustworthy. Case in point, the Catholic church treated a Danish priest convicted of downloading 38 movies involving sexual activities with minors as if it were a speeding ticket. They told nobody of his conviction and put him back to work with kids. There is not an acceptable excuse for this type of behavior.

What does it take to get a priest defrocked? We know it’s not child porn, nor is it child molestation, heck, repeated child rape is not enough to get you defrocked. I’m willing to bet that if a priest violated the Catholic church’s policy banning condom use, he would be out on his ass. Where are their priorities?

Mojoey's Post Here and Full Story Here


a rose is a rose said...

they have NO priorities. well one. more so than condom use (which is HIGHLY discouraged by catholic clergy in countries heavy with hiv). GAYNESS. you're out if you're gay. even if you're celibate. you can molest all the little children you want and they welcome it with open arms............but be GAY?

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I agree with what a rose is a rose said. Since when is it a crime to be gay? Also, molesting children is a crime, so why are they above the law? In criminal matters, arrests should be made...even if they are priests.

The Frog Queen said...

When I left that faith, I kept running and never looked back, it was/is pathetic.


stray said...

A priest who rapes children is wholly fit to be the representative of God, but a nun who okays the termination of a pregnancy to save the life of a woman is bound to rot in hell with the rest of us.