July 27, 2010

40 Days of Derp

These two chowderheads are yammering about fasting for 40 days and signing some document they scawled together using crayons and a napkin from the local gay bar. They want candidates elected who will stand up for their version of 'morality'.

I love how the tubby one relates their document to something holy "like the bible or the constitution". Huh? Have either of these two assclowns read the constitution? I'm guessing no.



Univarn said...

He said Fast as God directs you, right? I have a feeling in his case God will be directing him straight to the front of the line at Burger King. Well, he may not be that dumb (I'm sure he's hired a publicist). Perhaps he'll just order Papa Johns by the boat load the week before, and stock up on Burger King.


This is the only preacher that I listen to:


SUZY8-TRACK said...

Someone should spy on these guys to see if they really do comply with the 40 days of fasting. I bet the chubby one will FAIL....and he'll claim that the devil made him do it rather than admit that he was weak.