October 13, 2010

God's Magic Underwear Needs Freedom

This man is a fucking lunatic. Seriously.


a rose is a rose said...

i love it when peeps tell you EXACTLY what god wants. what god thinks. what god does. what god is GOING to do. yup just like they're best buds and all

Doubting Timmy said...

So this lowly creation of the Almighty has the power to thwart his divine purpose, eh?

Doesn't sound like a very powerful entity to me.

Brian Busby said...

"Have you ever war gamed?"

Can't say I've ever been asked that question - can't say I've ever thought to ask that question of others, hawks included.

Very strange.

Univarn said...

Is it just me or is the Fox News Breaking News bar reading:

"Never Before Seen: Glenn Beck's Conversation with Americans"

perhaps the most epic news bar ever? Just think about the implications! Nobody's ever seen him converse with an American before. Brilliant! The rest of it is his usual rubbish, I consider that the highlight :)