May 18, 2009

Another weekend, more gunfire

It's getting sadly all too common for a weekend here in Steubenville to be punctuated with gunfire of some kind. Would it be too much to ask to see SOMEBODY arrested this time? It seems most of these instances are followed up by.......nothing.


Local Family Speaks Out After Gunfire Hits Home
May 17, 2009

STEUBENVILLE, Oh. -- With bullet holes in the refrigerator, the TV and even in the shower, a Steubenville family is scared to think of what could have happened to them early Saturday morning. A number of shots were fired into their home, through their back door.

The home is located on the 400 block of Maxwell Avenue.

“I just laid down, bottle in my daughters mouth. Next thing I know I hear loud gunshots," said one resident.

At first, the Steubenville woman who did not want to be identified had no idea the gunshots she heard early Saturday morning were the gunshots she'd soon see. The gunfire slammed into her home, all while she, her sister and their three toddlers were sleeping.

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Justine said...

We were awakened at 4am on Sat. morning by a jilted lover who was having a "disagreement" with some neighbor around the corner. I had to run around and close the windows so my children didn't get an R-rated earful, but thankfully, they didn't wake up, and the police eventually came, although I don't think an arrest was made.

The gang-related/drug scene thing often only victimizes those involved, but the increase of random acts of violence, like this Maxwell Ave. one appears to be, are more than a little unnerving, I'll agree.

Actionman said...

Wow -- stay safe.

themom said...

When my best friend was in hospice at Trinity - I was so afraid to drive home to Bellaire after dark.

CynDe said...

I am old enough to remember when the mob still had holdings in Steubenville. It was safe to go downtown or anywhere back in those days and I am talking the early Seventies!