May 11, 2009

Sunday miracles fall short....

So the miracle of communion can turn wine into blood and crackers into flesh....but it can't wipe out that pesky Swine Flu! What a shock.

May 02, 2009
Can the Communion chalice transmit Swine flu?

Bess writes Swine flu worry is afflicting religious worship this weekend reports Pew Forum. Pastors are now grappling with liturgical health issues such as whether Communion chalices, used to offer wine to the congregation in general, may risk transmitting the virus. In Mexico, many Catholic Churches have closed and in Mexico City the faithful were advised recently to listen to Mass on the radio or watch it on television rather than risk catching the flu by attending church.

Now several bishops and faith leaders in the US are expressing similar concerns. The US Catholic Bishops are urging priests and ministers changed with distributing communion this Sunday to wash their hands with anti-bacterial solution beforehand. Pew Forum reports too on the “additional precautions” Catholic bishops in affected areas are advising. For example, the bishop of Austin, Texas home to 26 Swine flu cases to date has urged his priests not to offer Communion wine at Mass until “more is known” about the virus.

Bishop Gregory Aymond believes that “having the public drink from the chalice is an unnecessary risk” and in addition wants holy water kept in stoups at the entry to diocesan churches to be emptied, and the stoups washed and disinfected before being re-filled.

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CynDe said...

Straws and hand sanitizer dispensers beside the hymnals.

Kulkuri said...

So, a puny virus can defeat 'Holy Water'?? Who would have thunk it??

But I bet the alcohol will kill the virus!!

Utah Savage said...

The pig is mightier than Pope? My god is the world ending?

Justine said...

This really isn't a surprise, since no one ever made the claim that the Precious Blood was a disinfectant.

Lemmy Caution said...

Yes, but I'm sure you can see the irony!

no one ever made the claim that the Precious Blood was a disinfectant.I actually thought they did. Doesn't it 'wash sins away' !?