January 04, 2011

Dirty Jesus

This is what happens when adults share crackers.

New York (CNN) -- Hundreds of people might have been exposed to hepatitis A while receiving communion on Christmas Day, Long Island officials said Monday.

The Nassau County Department of Health is offering vaccines to those who attended two services at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Massapequa Park in Long Island, New York, according to Nassau County Department of Health spokeswoman Mary Ellen Laurain.

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Ricky Shambles said...

Who would've figured that eating flesh and drinking blood could have negative consequences?

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I would have thought it would have been transmitted by the golden chalice that everyone drinks wine out of. The priest only uses a rag to clean it...but he uses it over and over...so who knows what kind of germs are on that thing!

Lemmy Caution said...

I'm sure Suzy is right. Surprising that people can believe that they are drinking the actual blood of their savior....but said blood can't battle germs.