January 26, 2011

Words With Friends

If you have an Iphone and play the game "Words With Friends", you are more than welcome to pop my name in and we shall do some tile battle.


Bring it.


SUZY8-TRACK said...

My boyfriend is addicted to this game, and he rarely loses!

Lemmy Caution said...

Throw him my name and we shall rumble!

a rose is a rose said...

hmmmmm been a while lemmy been a while

Lemmy Caution said...

Bring it on! Been a while since I've picked that rose!

Ricky Shambles said...

If I had an iPhone I might, but I'd be weary - you're going to figure out "uvula" on a triple word score. Which wouldn't be as bad as me thinking you'd be spelling "uvulva" which after typing and retracting I have confirmed is not a word. Unless it's a product.

uVulva! Shake it, shave it, break it on a horse! Fun for the whole family! uVulva!

Sorry for that uVulva thing.

Lemmy Caution said...

It's the weekend, I could use a uvula or two. I prefer 3, but it's hard enough to get one.