June 05, 2005

Damn you Russell Crowe

You don't want to like the guy. It seems that every interview or tabloid story he's involved in makes him out to look like a bigger and bigger schmuck. Angry, egotistical, loud, obnoxious, and full of swagger. Just an all around australian bastard. (I can say that, having some drops of Australian blood running through me.....if there really is such a thing as Australian anything....I mean it was a prison colony, right?).

And of course there's Proof of Life. Just awful.

Wll, I went and checked out Cinderella Man today...... Damn. No matter how much you need to dislike the guy, he's just an all around phenomenal actor.

How exactly does he manage to complely alter his entire physical and molecular makeup from film to film? Fat and old in THE INSIDER, yound and mean in L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, bloated and...well commanding in MASTER AND COMMANDER. And now middle aged and scrappy in CINDERELLA MAN. And I didn't even mention the damn movie he won an Oscar for.

So credit where it's due. He's no Paul Giamatti, but he's good.

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Anonymous said...

He's a louse and a prick. And don't think he's even a good actor. He's just in good technically sound films. Gaining weight and losing weight doesn't make you a good actor.