June 17, 2005

The Dark Knight Returns

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The new Batman movie has hit theatres. Being the uber-dork that I am, I'll be checking it out as soon as possible. The flick is called BATMAN BEGINS and it's directed by the impressive Christopher Nolan, who will forever be noted for his debut film MEMENTO. He also made the impressive remake of the Swedish movie INSOMNIA. That puts his score at 2 for 2.

Origin stories for comic book characters are always fun to watch and the early word on this one is that it may be the most impressive since Marlon Brando tossed a baby in a spaceship and sent it away from a certain dying planet.

Two good weekends at the movies in a row are set as next week sees the return of Pittsburgh legend Geroge A. Romero with LAND OF THE DEAD. It's about time too. George hasn't really had a flick in wide release since 1988's MONKEY SHINES.

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