June 22, 2005

Strange Travels....

Off to the state capital for a few days. Big time in Columbus. Sure to be rubbing elbows with political bigwigs. Greasing the wheels. Considering my travel companion is one of the most hated figures in local government employment, I'm sure to be dodging angry glares as well.

Truth be told, I just realized a bit ago that I have no earthly clue why the hell I'm going there. None. I was more or less told I'd be heading to Columbus these next few days, and accepted it as gospel (not that I accept any gospel, mind you). What could this meeting possibly be about? I believe this is the first time I've made a trip to the state crapital and had no idea what its for.

Even the scheduling board here in the office offers no assistance. It just says "Columbus" for the next 3 days. No why. No what. No what for.

No matter. If nothing else, I'm sure it will be a bore. I need to perfect the art of sleeping with my eyes wide open.

Maybe this meeting I'll wear a big suit.

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