June 23, 2009

Let he without sin....

It has to be obvious at this point that Jesus hates gay people.

Why else would the majority of Xians use his words, name, and anonymously authored best selling trashy novel to promote their disdain for homosexuals.

Religion and tolerance are (and have always been) polar opposites.

Women, interracial couples, other religions....they have all felt the sting of "Christian love".

Southern Baptists Reject Church

The slowly shrinking Southern Baptist Convention voted on Tuesday to sever 125-year-old ties with a Texas church that allowed homosexual members to have their photos in the church directory.

Messengers (delegates) to the SBC's annual meeting voted overwhelmingly to disassociate from Forth Worth's Broadway Baptist Church, following an executive committee ruling Monday that the congregation "failed to establish its compliance" with the SBC rules that ban churches that "act to affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior."

According to the Associated Baptist Press, "it was the first time the SBC has ejected a church simply because denominational officials perceive that the congregation is in violation of a policy prohibiting affiliation with pro-gay churches."

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The Peach Tart said...

Totally unbelievable.

themom said...

Where's the shock in this? Nothing these churches do "in the name of God or Bible" amaze me anymore.

Justine said...

I believe it. I paraphrase a bit differently of course, but once you actually encounter the Divine Being you realize that what you see isn't all there is.