March 16, 2010

Quote of the Week

"Let the record speak for itself. The Catholic Church does not approve of homosexuality; their position on pedophilia, however, is not as clear. I am sure most Catholics do not approve of pedophilia, but the executive branch of Catholicism seems to have difficulty convincing some of us that they are willing to do what is necessary to make sure that the members of their staff who are active sexual predators are brought to justice.

"I can't see any sane person not wanting someone who harms innocent children taken out of circulation as soon as possible. Relocating them is tantamount to enabling them further. Maybe there should be a television show called To Catch A Priest. I'll watch. I think the expulsion of this child from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School is the best break the parents could have hoped for. Children should be raised in an environment of kindness and encouragement, not discrimination and ignorance." - Henry Rollins (Vanity Fair essay)



Artman2112 said...


a rose is a rose said...

not a fan of henry (think he's a giant asswipe blowhard/blowheart as a matter of fact) BUT in that i agree with him.

yesterday, i read something else on the lesbian parents whose TWO children were not allowed to go to catholic school. they both still love their religion. that shocked the hell out of me. i don't get how that happens?

Lemmy Caution said...

He may be a bowhard.....but he's no dummy.

I don't get how ANYONE would want to be associated with an institution that has such a horrible history of.....well, let's put it bluntly.....raping children.

The Frog Queen said...

Another reason I am a big fan of Henry Rollins :)


Artman2112 said...

i'm not a fan of his either but when smeone says something that rings true, it rings true regardless of its origin.

i am astonished that those women could possibly cling to their religion. sadly, raping children is one of the least of it's crimes. how about 2,000+ years of laying a massive mind-hating, life-hating, existence-destroying guilt trip on the human race?