March 02, 2010

Stay Classy Catholics!

D.C. Catholic Charities Refuses Spousal Benefits to Workers Gay and Straight
by Kilian Melloy

Rather than provide family benefits to gay and lesbian employees, the social services branch of the Washington, D.C. Roman Catholic diocese has determined that it will simply not extend such benefits at all to new hires or to existing employees who were not previously enrolled.

Church doctrine says that gays are "disordered," and church authorities view sexual expressions of love and affection between individuals of the same gender as being "intrinsically evil." For that reason, Catholic Charities--which contracts with the District to provide services to the tune of $22 million per year in taxpayer money--has stepped back from its role in caring for foster children, rather than place needy children with two mothers or two fathers. Instead, the church has given over the 43 children with whom it was working, and the seven people who had been on the staff of its charitable organization, to a secular organization, the National Center for Children and Families.

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a rose is a rose said...

yup i posted on this too. what do i say? PULL THE ENTIRE 22 MILLION CONTRACT and give it to organizations with souls

Kulkuri said...

I thought those Ass-Wholes were going to pull out of D.C. if gay marriage was made legal??? Rose has the right idea.

FrankN.Stein said...

Yeah! Let that be a lesson to you, gay people. Before we give you a little love and tolerance, we'd rather treat everybody else as lousy as you! And that's our religion, so don't you dare say anthing agaisnt it!

Forever your girl said...

what happened to the "loving the sinner" part? I guess you can love them just not see them happy or healthy.