March 25, 2010

Vatican Had Halted Trial for Accused Priest


Artman2112 said...

this abomination of justice and morality is absolutely sickening!

and all we get is the same old song - "dont judge the sinner!"

but, ummmm....yeah that's all well and good, but see, he ummm, HAD SEX WITH YOUNG BOYS!!! so yeah i'd say he does merit some serious judging!

as far as i'm concerned the Catholic church is digging its own grave which is all well and good by me cuz i really wasnt looking forward to the rebirth of the Dark ges they wish to lead us all into.

Judy Weir said...

What I want to know is, who are the people that are still going to mass? How can they justify it?

Lemmy Caution said...

The same way the Mormons justify their batshit insane history.

The same way Muslims justify their backwards ass culture.

They do it through the power of faith.


But yes Judy....I'm with you. How anyone could possibly attend a Catholic mass right now, let alone throw some coin in the collection plate, is beyond my ability to comprehend.

I can only hope Artman is right...that the tide may somehow turn this time. That enough people are going to wake up to the absolutely fucking insane things these 'holy men' have been up to.

a rose is a rose said...

unfortunately that's not going to happen. people are NOT going to wake up.

shite, one can't even practice birth control (except for the rhythm method) in the catholic church without sinning.

what's wrong with THAT picture?

Artman2112 said...

i didnt say they wouldnt take all of western/European society with them, which is the most likely scenario. then after about 200-300 years of the NEW dark ages, we'll have yet another rebirth of reason and enlightenment, that is if the planet is able to sustain any life at all, rational or not.

nope, no birth control, no abortion, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy you must abstain, which is of course against the sexual nature of human beings. the Catholic "moral" code is one that can NOT be practiced in reality, and that is exactly what they're banking on. guilt is their means to control the flock.