April 27, 2009

Next thing you know they will want to vote too!

Jesus will weep!
The skies will open up!
Straight folks' marriages will fall apart!
Dogs and cats will be fornicating in the streets!
Children will grow up with no sense of right or wrong!

No....in all reality nothing will change. You will go on living your life the best way you can and see fit. This changes nothing.

Oh yeah, except for the fact that government discrimination against two people for being born a certain way has ended.

In Iowa at least.

There is still much work to do.

Gay couples begin seeking Iowa marriage licenses

By AMY LORENTZEN, Associated Press Writer Amy Lorentzen

DES MOINES, Iowa – Same-sex couples in Iowa began applying for marriage license on Monday after a state Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay unions took effect.

The court issued an order early in the day confirming that the appeals process in the case has officially concluded.

The first same-sex weddings could happen as soon as Monday if couples can secure waivers that will let them bypass Iowa's three-day waiting period.

In Des Moines, about a dozen gay and lesbian couples waited in the rain for the Polk County administrative building to open.

Grant Lan, 35, and his partner Andrew Mahoney-Lan, 32, were first in line. The Windsor Heights couple planned to seek a waiver that would let them marry Monday.

"It's huge to be here first," Mahoney-Lan said.

Alicia Zacher, 24, and her 22-year-old fiance Jessica Roach, both of Des Moines, said they have a 4 p.m. appointment to get married if they can get a waiver. They want to get married immediately after seeing how California voters reinstated a ban on same-sex marriage.

"You just never know when they'll try to take it away," Roach said.


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