April 23, 2009

Shepherd Smith......"oops"


giggles said...

OMG!!!! OMFG!!!!!!

I don't watch his show. ever. or Fox generally, except for "Lie to me" and "Idol" (for my kids....REALLY! Adam's gonna win!)
so I loved seeing this clip! And he's right!!!

And so I must say how flattered I am that you showed up as a follower this morning!! I've seen your comments over at others blogs....but haven't been by here often..... But Steubenville caught my eye, because my folks lived in Cambridge for about 20 years (they are Lancaster, Oh, now) and I grew up in Cincy..... so I suspect we may have some things in common....

Oh well, I blather on.... thanks for following! (Was there anything in particular that incented you to follow? I'd be curious for feedback!)

PS I do love the picture of "you...." I suspect that I should know who that is, but it is very dashing! (Orson Wells?)

themom said...

Shep is my new idol! Did you notice not one person blinked when the "F" bomb flew out??? Interesting!

Lemmy Caution said...

Shep has always been one of the few folks at Faux News with a firing neuron or two.

This clip just makes me dig him all the more. Rock on Shep.

Giggles - I think I saw a comment of yours on Attentive Aphorist and ended up on your blog. Looked good so I added it to the trusty Google Reader and clicked on the Follow button. Now click on mine why dontcha!

My boss here at work lives in Cambridge. Been there many times!

The picture is of French actor Eddie Constantine from the film Alphaville.

More Info Here

giggles said...

Will do!! Thanks!