April 15, 2009


The Pittsburgh Penguins begin their quest for Lord Stanley's Cup tonight against the hated Philadelphia Flyers.



Utah Savage said...

Hockey is much like pro wrestling or boxing isn't it? Cage match bare knuckle fighting on skates where blades can also be used as weapons and the sticks can also be used as clubs. Don't forget to bring the kids. It teaches the stupidity of rules and good sportsmanship. Anarchy on Ice.

Utah Savage said...

Does this mean you're going to stop posting about sports?

Actionman said...

Hockey is the best sport ever created.

Randal Graves said...

utah, you're only proving you've never watched the beautiful sport that is ice hockey. Whatever anarchy there is is at least contained to the rink, unlike the anarchy in DC that screws up the entire planet.

I loved the Guerin takedown of that chump. Look, you're down 4-1 with under a minute left, stop being a yokel, suck it up and come back in game two.

Lemmy Caution said...

Yeah...I have to agree with Mr. Graves. I'm not a huge sports guy....but there is just something about Hockey. It really is the most fluid beautiful sport in existence.

BTW.....Pens slam dunk game one. Nice!