April 07, 2009

Religion is sexist

Papers alter Israel cabinet photo

Two ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspapers have altered a photo of Israel's new cabinet, removing two female ministers.

Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver were grouped with the rest of the 30-member cabinet for their inaugural photo.

But Yated Neeman newspaper digitally changed the picture by replacing them with two men. The Shaa Tova newspaper blacked the women out.

Publishing pictures of women is viewed by many ultra-orthodox Jews as a violation of female modesty.


Dr. Monkey said...

Damn anti semites.

Justine said...

Yes. ALL religion is sexist because of this decision made by this group of people who are religious. So true. ;)

Lemmy Caution said...

Ok, we will just say Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hindu.

That would be about 70% of the world's religion. The rest don't have an amazing track record either.

The title was a generalization, yes. But a well earned one with thousands of years of practice.