March 20, 2009



laura said...

Hey, Lemmy, it's me again. I think I'm becoming a blog troll or something.
I just found this great article:

It's from a priest who was involved in the case of the nine year old girl that you blogged about. I knew there was more to this story!

Sorry for bringing it up again if it bothers you.

Lemmy Caution said...

It doesn't bother me at all. I appreciate the feedback.

Many thanks!

The piece you linked to says "a Brazilian Catholic physician: "...As an obstetrician for 50 years, graduated in the National Medical School of the University of Brazil, and former chief of Obstetrics in the Hospital of Andarai [Rio de Janeiro], in which I served for 35 years until I retired in order to dedicate myself to the Diaconate, and having delivered 4,524 babies, many from juvenile [mothers], I never had to resort to an abortion to 'save lives', as well as all my colleagues, sincere and honest in their profession and faithful to their Hippocratic oath. ..."

Sorry, but the opinion of doctors that are NOT clinging to an ancient fairy tale and it's twisted idea of "morals" vs. a doctor with an agenda doesn't sway my opinion, or enlighten anything "more to the story".

I believe the doctors that said the girl's life was in danger were being medically and scientifically honest. This doctor the article quotes has a theological bias based in irrelevant ancient beliefs that proclaim to care more about the fetus than they do the rape victim.

Sorry, but that's how I see it.

Not to mention that after the public disgust at the excommunications, the National Council of Bishops in Brazil stated that the excommunications should be taken into consideration.