March 31, 2009

REALLY funny stuff....

Catholic bishops in US ban Japanese reiki

Riazat Butt, religious affairs correspondent
The Guardian, Tuesday 31 March 2009

Reiki, an alternative Japanese therapy with a growing band of followers in the west, is "unscientific" and "inappropriate" for use in Catholic institutions, according to America's bishops.

Guidelines issued by the committee on doctrine at the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops warn healthcare workers and chaplains that the therapy "lacks scientific credibility" and could expose people to "malevolent forces".

The document also claims that for a Catholic to believe in reiki presents "insurmountable problems".

Reiki means "universal life energy" and was developed by the theology professor Dr Mikao Usui at the turn of the 20th century, from Buddhist beliefs and Sanskrit teachings. The client lies on a couch, clothed and relaxing, while the therapist's hands rest lightly on the body in a special sequence. Clients often report heat and tingling sensations.

The church's guidelines state: "A Catholic who puts his or her trust in reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition, the no man's land that is neither faith nor science. Superstition corrupts one's worship of God by turning one's religious feeling and practice in a false direction."

The document goes on to state that since reiki therapy is incompatible with Christian teaching and scientific evidence, "it would be inappropriate" for Catholic institutions, such as healthcare facilities and retreat centres, or people representing the church, such as chaplains, to promote or provide support for it.

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Did they REALLY just say that this would put a poor Catholic in "the real of superstition".



Justine said...

"Did they REALLY just say that this would put a poor Catholic in "the real of superstition""

Yes, it seems they did. Catholics believe there is such thing as superstition. Why does this surprise you?

Lemmy Caution said...

It doesn't surprise cracks me up to see one superstition calling another superstition superstitious.

"'s the pot calling!"