March 05, 2009

Christian Anti-Gay Workshop

Hemant Mehta from the website Friendly Atheist went to a “homosexual activism in the public school" workshop by the Illinois Family Institute. His report is a fascinating look into the minds of some seriously twisted individuals.

For example...

The speaker told the crowd that speaking out against homosexuality was not hate speech. Her argument for this? “Homosexual supporters speak out against polygamy and pedophiles all the time. Is that considered hate speech? No. So neither is our anti-gay speech.”

Not for the first time that evening, she compared gay people to pedophiles.

Check out his full report here....


Justine said...

I think the Friendly Atheist might have missed her point.

She was drawing a parallel between speaking out against behaviors that she believes are immoral according to her worldview, not a parallel between homosexuals and pedophiles.

The Friendly Atheist's worldview must overlap hers when it comes to polygamists and pedophiles, but a polygamist would probably be offended by the F.A. and the Christian and say they are both spewing hate-speech against him.

With so many conflicting worldviews, how is it ever possible to determine truth?

Lemmy Caution said...

There was quite obviously a parallel drawn by the speaker. It jumps right out and waves at you.

How is it possible to come to a decision between the two worldviews?


One of them is based on anonymously written ancient texts whose authors thought the world was flat and also go on to list hundreds of other 'rules' that the speaker (and most other Christians) choose to ignore.

The other is the simple belief that what happens between two consenting adults where nobody is being harmed is none of our business.

Making ANY KIND of parallels or connections between pedophilia or illegal acts and homosexuality is completely illogical.

Justine said...

Sorry, I meant which worldview is correct? Because conflicting worldviews are the source of so many differing opinions. The Buddist, the Catholic, the Calvinist, the Mormon, the Atheist, the Agnostic, the Nihilist, the Mayan, etc.--all insist their worldview, what they believe to be right or wrong according to their beliefs, is the truth.

But they can't all be right. There can only be one truth, one real worldview. Which is it? With all those voices shouting at us, how do we know which one we should listen to?

Lemmy Caution said...

So Religions are just worldviews?

I thought you were of the opinion that there was only "one true god"?

Or are you just asking ME in a rhetorical type fashion?