March 13, 2009

More laws

How do they plan to enforce this exactly? Why do we keep coming up with new laws and legislations for drivers? Why isn't eating while driving a crime? Why isn't smoking while driving a crime? What about juggling kittens while driving? Don't we need a law on the books for that! Certainly it is dangerous!

More legisaltion is just silly at this point. If a police officer seens someone driving recklessly (weaving, speeding, crossing the center line) they should just pull them over, asses the situation, and act accordingly. New laws won't change anything. Enforcement of the current ones will.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go jump in the car and pound down some fries, smoke a menthol, make a call, and take the cat to the vet.


Ohio, West Virginia Look To Ban Texting While Driving

From highways to railways, an increasing number of traffic deaths are being blamed on drivers who took their eyes off the road to text. State lawmakers now want to send their own message. Ohio and West Virginia introduced new legislation to help put an end to unnecessary accidents caused by texting.

Something law enforcement loosely refer to as driving while "intexticated,” there is very little officers can do about it. The main reason, there's no law that currently prohibits it in the Ohio Valley. Washington and New Jersey are the only two states that already have bans on texting while driving.

Some proposed ideas for Ohio and West Virginia include prohibiting use of all handheld cellular devices, whether for texting or calling. Until then, officials still agree that the best option is to put away the phone before heading down the road.


themom said...

I certainly hope the cat has it's seat belt on!!! That's a crime.

laura said...

I was just telling my kids there's a fine line between a law "safety laws" that are for the common good and those that infringe on personal freedom. Seat belt laws make sense - there would be so many more resources poured into paying emergency responders and road crews taking care of the higher mortalities that result from not wearing them.
But after that it does seem hard to say - I feel like I can safely eat a sandwhich or talk on the phone and drive, even drive a standard. I've been known to apply mascarra while behing the wheel, but I won't try to justify that. What about having a conversation with people in the car? Or listening to (your favorite, I'm sure) Rush Limbaugh while he's talking about some craziness? That can be very distracting.

Justine said...

We're in a weird time in history where we think we can legislate our way into total personal safety. That's an illusion, which will only result in the loss of our freedom.