March 09, 2009

Obama's best move yet

Between seriously working on getting the troops home, and now THIS.......he's already done more good than the last eight years of inarticulate retardation. But THIS....this is truly important. Furthering science instead of bowing to pressure from fringe whacknut groups and ancient meaningless texts.

I am loving this presidency.

Obama to Restore ‘Science Integrity’ as Part of Stem-Cell Shift

March 9 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama will reverse the U.S. government’s ban on funding stem-cell research today and pledge to “use sound, scientific practice and evidence, instead of dogma” to guide federal policy, an adviser said.

Harold Varmus, co-chair of a science advisory group to the President, said Obama will ask the White House Office of Science and Technology to create guidelines to incorporate ‘scientific integrity’ into decision-making by U.S. agencies. The action on stem cells, which can grow into any kind of tissue, may help speed research into cures for major illness.


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