March 04, 2009

Bad Barbie

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. We have every local company laying off people right and left. Also broken down roads, bridges, building, and houses. Local delegate Jeff Eldridge thinks its much more important to go after plastic dolls that may make girls feel bad.

What country, exactly, is this assclown living in? Banning a DOLL because HE THINKS it's offensive to some people? Really?

I wish this was from The Onion, but sadly it's not.


Proposed Barbie Ban Going Too Far?

WHEELING, W.Va. -- A proposed ban on Barbie and similar dolls has many people wondering if West Virginia lawmakers are wasting state resources on non-essential items.

Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge of Lincoln County proposed a bill Tuesday to ban sales of the iconic Mattel doll and others like her.

Eldridge said such toys influence girls to place too much importance on physical beauty, at the expense of their intellectual and emotional development.

Many local people said it's a waste of time to be targeting a doll that's been around for 50 years.
"It's definitely a waste, particularly with the economy the way it is right now. I think they should be spending more time on that and focusing on issues that really mean something," said Michelle Singleton, of Wheeling.

Eldridge isn't the first person to take a stab at Barbie. But, as the 50th anniversary of the popular doll approaches, people say time has shown she's not going anywhere.

Workers at Deluxe Toy & Hobby in Martins Ferry, Ohio, which attracts many customers from West Virginia, said they couldn't believe the details of the ban. Other people said lawmakers should focus on issues like the economy and job creation rather than debate the influence of a toy.

"I think there's more important things for them to worry about," said Jean Wurezbacher, of Valley Grove.

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coffee said...

WV legislators had to realize proposing a Barbie ban would cause a big media stir but, then again, maybe this was strategic...